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us, the first lady brought down the house, encouraging americans to led him finish the job over the next four years. tonight bill clinton gets his turn at the buys. we're live at the blackfinn saloon. what is wrong with you people? president clinton will compete with the opening of a huge national audience. remember that game was scheduled earlier this year for a wednesday night, so as not to pete the president's address on thursday. we begin with first lady michelle obama. she took at stage a little after 10:30 last night. she remains one of the most pick
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whuns sheep tweeted a week ago about her husband's character and conviction. >> i love that he has never foregotten how he started. i love that we can trust to do he says when it's gone, especially that for barack. i know that since last night, there is no such thing about us or -- barack never let's himself get distracted. just like his grandmother, he
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just keeps getting up and moving forward with patience and wisdom and courage and grace. >> the first lady did not mention mitt romney by name but the references were clear as she saw the contrast the president's background with that of his republican challenger. >> for barack obama these issues aren't political, they're personal. because barack knows what it means when a family struggles. he know what it means to want certainly more for your kids and grand kids. barack knows the person dream because he's lived it. and he wants in this country, everyone, to have the same opportunity no matter who we are or where we're from or whoo we look like or who week lo-- who
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love! >> and he believes that when you've worked hard and done well and walk through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it behind you. you reach back and give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed. >> and the first lady closed her rear marks by talking about her daughters. >> at the end of the day my most important title is still mom in chief. if i truly want to leave a better world for my daughter as and for all of our sons and daughters, if we want to give all of our children a foundation for their dreams and opportunity worthy of promise, that sense of limit possibility that, belief that here in america is their is always something better out
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thereyou're willing to work for it, then we must work like never before and we must, once again, come together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country forward, my husband, our wes. >> that speech generated a ton of attention online. at one point during her address, at least 28,000 tweets were sent per minute. . >> before the first lady, we heard from san antonio mayor julian astro, a rising star in the party and the first a tino to deliver the kooef note address at the democratic national convention. after he was introduced about
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bihis between brother joaquin, march with a bit of hume al quite simply doesn't get it. few monthings ago he visited a university of high owe and gave students there a little purrial advice. stay in business, he said. borrow money from your observe purpose. >> gee, i wasn't any harm. high just justice no idea how good he's had it. >> the 27-year-old mayor is a graduate of stanford university and harvard will you school.
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>> when it comes to getting the midd mid when it comes to respecting women's rights, mitt rit any says no. when it comes tos with miss mitt says no. >> when it comes to expanding access, britt saysno! >> actually -- >> actually. actually, mitt romney and now heap says no. gf after it pain appropriation
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to say to to -- >> we'll talk to san antonio mayor julian castro just ahead on "morning joe." joining us senior plit cool analyst mark halpern and co-author of "game change." when i asked him to come on tv at 5:30 in the morning said "no!" here he is anyway. >> i'm on the aptly named "way too early." >> let go back to the first lady's speech last night. you can parse the content and substance of it. does it matter in this campaign the first lady of the united
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states delivered a great speech? >> you can mention the tweets. a lot of people probably watched that live, will see it in news accounts and late over into today. up have one of the pop last people, popular women in the country testifying and telling a regional story. one of of the strength of the presentations were she told stories that were concrete, a lot of textures and emotion. her core image, they'll be reminded a little of the 2008 magic. i think the president needs some of that to win. zuch subtle contrast between her speech and the one ann romney told us about? she said to say we're go you and
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michelle obama obama has done many same things. the obama -- she told stories of a man who showed up at the convention and had to leave early because he maxed out on his credit card. it reminds people their biggest theme is they're about the middle class. her point was my husband just think about the middle class, he comes from the middle class, he lives the american dream. i thought it was a brilliantly written speech, well crafted. the advantage she had over myself romney, she's done this before. she was not nervous at all. she really owned the stage in the way someone who has been through this can do. >> an incredible public performer. there was some reports she wrote the speech herself? zell, she worked with speech
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writers. have i no reason to doubt whatsoever that it was her conception of what she wanted to stay. she worked with a small team of speech writers, including a talented speech writer who worked with hillary clinton. and the team produced what i thought was one of the better written speeches of recent conventions. she owned the stage. she knew what she wanted to say. it started a little bit slow. it was more story telling but by the end there was no doubt in the room. >> and you didn't see republicans attacking her speech. it gets kind of a cleaner shot than almost any person up there will get. >> let's go to tonight. former president bill clinton takes the stage. he is going up against the
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giants. >> >> the speech, if he really starts on time and ends on time,ly buy you a hamburger on thursday. >> mark halpern. thanks very much on way too joe. the first place baltimore orioles. the yankees less their did highlights from et pentant race ahead in sports. and new jersey chris christie was delivering a performance of identify thunder road." we'll be back.
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the sweet reward, making a delicious choice that's also a smart choice. splenda no-calorie sweetener. with the original sugar-like taste you love and trust. splenda makes the moment yours. welcome back to charlotte. we want to get a quick check on your weather in new york city with bill karins. super humid down there and up here, too, just gross. this morning we're getting drenched in boston northward, a lot of areas of heavy rain. scattered showers of the hudson
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valley. it's not going to rain all day but we will have scattered and storms as we late this afternoon. one of the most humid he willie, the prn forecast is thursday night, the president giving his big primetime speech about 10:30. it will be outside bank of america stadium. they're very feelful of any lightning. if they have to get lightning get people out of the way. >> and these have not been light spri sprinkles here. >> congratulations and republicans alike with thank president obama for the start of the nfl season starting a day early.
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the giants and cowboys open the season tonight instead of thursday marking the first time in more this afternoon 60 years an nfl game has been played on a wednesday. last time it happened, nofts 2nd, 48. the rams as we should, believe a hope of the care lien a panthers. >>. >> to baseball now this year's yankees were the believe the 2011 red sox. what once look like a foregon conclusion has turned into a dog night now down the stretch just one gay up for the division lead. they needed a win out of the
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hurricane catch. what was at mid july 37/assault weapon can owe. >> 2 rays cop back. evan longoria, a two-run home run gives his team the lead. chris dick areson in the fourth, he's going to get rung up on a check swing by the home play umpire and sticks around the argue the karg. man jer joe girardi comes out, gets his money's worth. he kicks a little birt -- dirt on the plate. mark reynolds a 3-0 toilet on. he singles home a run to make it
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12-0. the orioles now tie the yankees for the lead in the afrmts .l. take a look at records of the wageies, game and a half, ten years? y >> 2-1 delivery. breaking ball to left field. he's looking up by thllpen. he leaves, he's in the bullpen. does he make the catch. repko was with the red sox for five games in april before he
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was sent down to the minors. at the mate wouldn't represent l obama dray ai dress tjoe, mika and our "morning joe" guests will be here. and why the country is better off today than when the president was first sworn in. we're coming right back. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it?
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welcome back to charlotte, site of the 2012 democratic national convention. i find myself in my natural habitat, behind the bar at 6:00 in the morning. first lady michelle obama took the stage last night and gave a speech that energized the audience. s tell your friends this year's is
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the longest at 26,000 word. >> now for new jersey governor kris christie hit a night know will you will be. >> it didn't take long for him to express his favorite, the boss. >> you love bruce springsteen. >> i do. i just saw him last night. >> what number show was it? >> it was my 130th show. i know how are. you're the guy who screams the words louder than bruce springsteen. >> can you do a little "thunder road" or something? >> me and you? you start it? >> one, two, three four. >> oh, come take my hand.
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♪ riding down to face the promise land ♪ oh thunder road, oh thunder road ♪ >> i think governor christie should stick to attending the concerts. >> are you better off? no. now the next stage of the scripted dance, journalists get in the face the democrats and badger them. >> can you honestly say people are better off? see, it's a scripted dance that -- wait a minute. >> can you honestly say the average american is better off today than they were four years
2:56 am
ago. >> here's what i can say, chris. i can can can can say we're in a position four years ago. >> i just wanted to remind what was happening four yiers years ago. >> i think the american people understand we got into a tark econom -- >> here's what people understand. angels are real. here's what the people understand, that malcolm x was the leader of the x men. >> while you were watching that jon stuart clip, we located breakfast tequila. this is actually coffee flavored pettron. >> still ahead, yourily mailed. been
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welcome back to the blackfinn saloon here in chtt

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